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Aug. 16th, 2016 12:22 pm
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I will not refer to anyone that I work with by their names on this blog, and will only refer to them by initials. So, for those of you who are reading these and need a reference for who is who, see below. Any other terminology that needs an explanation, I'll add here over time.

BS - One of the lawyers in the office I work in, and essentially my boss.
MS - The lawyer I am assistant to.
PK - My co-worker.
AFF - My former boss.
JD - One of the lawyers I used to work with (male).
JS - One of the lawyers I used to work with (female).
LB - My former co-worker and JS's spouse (female).
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An article recent came out talking about how since Yahoo purchased Tumblr a couple years back the site has not performed well in terms of generating revenue. This resulted in a use making an addition to the article post about how previously existing fandom spaces such as Geocities, or bookmarking website Del.i.cious were quickly terminated by Yahoo after they were acquired. Queue mass panic about the impending demise of Tumblr. Everyone is screaming about where else they can be found on the internet.

To be honest, I don't buy into this panic. For both Geocities and Del.i.cious it wasn't as if the doors were closed on either site overnight. There was usually a couple of years before any decisions were made, and the shut down was gradual. That being said, I'm staking out a place to direct people should that eventuality arise.

And in keeping with the vein of being honest, I don't think the demise of Tumblr would ultimately be a bad thing. Users constantly talk about how toxic the site is and there is rampant theft of creative/intellectual property. Plus, it's hard to really cultivate friendships with people or have real control over who sees your blog and who interacts with your content. Not to mention that it's hard to really get any distance from Tumblr because there is just so much content all the time.

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