[admin post] Admin Post: Check your inbox for assignments

Jul. 19th, 2017 07:49 pm
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We’re three days ahead of schedule! If you signed up for the challenge, you should have received an email giving you details about your assignment.

Some notes (because the labels from the sign up didn’t crossover into the assignment email):

  • We have no clue where “Prompts” comes from, so just ignore that space. It’s supposed to be blank.

  • You are not limited to remixing the fandom listed in the assignment. Please stick to Arrow, Constantine, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and/or Vixen. However, if you see that your remixee has written in any of these six fandoms, but it’s not listed in the assignment, feel free to take a crack at remixing that story.

  • Prompt URL is where you’ll find your remixee’s fanworks.

  • Please do not remix your remixee’s safe fanwork, WIPs, or previous remixes. Regarding WIPs, a few of the assignments include titles to posts that should be viewed as chapters of one shots, so you’re welcome to remix one of the chapters.

More modly notes: Please remember that this is an anonymous challenge. Feel free to spread the word about DC Multiversity Remix, but try not to give specifics about what you’re creating or who you’re remixing.

We’ve also created the opt-in post for the Remix Scramble. Even if you’ve signed up for the challenge itself, if you want to have your fanworks remixed to the broader public, please leave a comment on the opt-in post. The fun part about the Scramble is that anyone can participate, it’s open to all fanworks, and there are no minimum size requirements.

Have questions or comments? Contact a mod.

Sign ups are officially closed

Jul. 17th, 2017 05:56 pm
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We’re working on assignments and will send those out before week’s end, so keep an eye on your inbox!

For those who missed sign ups or didn’t want to officially sign up, consider tossing your name in for the Remix Scramble. The rules are more relaxed, so there’s no minimum size requirements, anyone can participate, and it’s open to ALL fanworks.

[admin post] Admin Post: One week left to sign up!

Jul. 9th, 2017 02:05 pm
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That's right, we're a week away from closing sign ups.

Between Dreamwidth and Tumblr, we also got a few questions and wanted to be sure everyone saw our responses...

1. Are check-ins mandatory?

Nope! The two check-ins are just friendly reminders for folks who need/like them, and it’s also a chance to support, flail, and/or commiserate with fellow participants.

2. How does DC Multiversity count the minimum five fanworks needed to sign up?

First, there’s no minimum word count. You can have five drabbles or five epics or a mix of the two, as long as they’re not WIPs.

As mods, we’re pretty much eyeballing the works listed under the link you provide in sign ups but we also understand that folks post to AO3 in different ways. So if you post one shots as a single story, as long as it’s clear in your author’s notes or summary, or you let us know in your sign up that one particular work is actually a series of separate stories, each chapter can count as a separate fanwork, helping you meet the minimum five fanworks required.

Have more questions? Let us know! Or head on over and sign up on AO3. Sign ups close next Sunday, July 16.

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